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Custom application development

Being highly adaptable and resourceful, we are able to provide reliable and professional solutions for all sorts of different needs.

12tonelab knows that each client's needs for their website are unique. From customized CMS to full online shopping systems, we'll find the best way to help you make the most out of you website. Talk to us and we will find how to improve your website functionality and enhance your online experience.

We develop all sorts of applications, specifically designed for you and your business, such as:

  • Customized content management systems: having your own online administration system will allow you to manage the contents of your website from any computer with an internet connection. Whatever your needs, we'll create the right CMS for you.
  • Online catalogs: these can be very useful for all sorts of retailers wanting to show their products online.
  • Full online shopping systems: if you want to go beyond just showing your products, an online shopping system will allow your clients to buy directly on your website. This can include a wide variety of features like a shopping cart, special offers, etc.
  • Online booking systems: especially suitable for rental or travel related businesses. Let your website do the work, making the whole process much easier for your clients, you and your staff.
  • Intranet applications: if you want an internal application for your intranet we can surely help you. Contact us with no obligation and we'll study your case together.
  • Your unique idea: the Internet is an open world, if you have an idea for your online presence, tell us and we'll find the way to make it a reality!

Some examples

Presto CMS

Presto CMS is a joint project with Australian designer Bjarni Wark consisting of a package including a website and an attached CMS. 12tonelab did the programming for the actual CMS and its integration in the website. In this case the focus was on ease of use, and we believe this is one of the easiest and most intuitive CMS around, including its very easy to use image uploader.

Check out www.prestocms.com (external link)


AM2 is a company developing software for architects, and wanted us to re-design their website. The tricky part here was that they needed to update the website using their own internal system that feeds on Word documents. The solution we developed was to establish an intermediate XML format they could export their documents to, which in turn is used by the website to generate the pages dynamically. The result is a robust and reliable system that makes it easy for them to manage their website content, including their products information, a download section, FAQ pages and a document repository.

Go to www.am2.es (external link)

We like what we do!

We enjoy programming and creating unique applications for specific needs. That is one of the reasons why 12tonelab was born, and why we think you'll enjoy our products.

Our commitment

These are some of the goals we set for ourselves when developing your custom application:

  • Ensure it fulfills the needs it is designed for, giving you total control over what you are doing.
  • Strip away all complexity, leaving you with just what you need. We don't want you to waste your time learning about tons of unnecessary terminology and features irrelevant to your specific needs.
  • Make it intuitive and easy to use, as well as attractive and user friendly, so you have a pleasing experience while using it.
  • Make sure it's secure, including backup options when necessary, log files and automated email notifications.