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Web design

Our goal is to create the website that best reflects your ideas and needs.

Planning your website

12tonelab will help you define the characteristics of your project. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your needs, putting our knowledge of the web at your service and providing all the information and advice you may need.

12tonelab has worked with a wide range of different types of client, including businesses, individuals, artists and organizations, and can deliver fully customized solutions that accommodate all sorts of different situations.

Creating the right image

A visually attractive website is the first step towards succeeding on the Internet. That's why 12tonelab makes sure that not only you get a top quality graphic design, but also a clean and organized page layout, as well as a carefully chosen typography and color scheme.

Whether you need a highly designed and visually impacting website or a more stylized design focusing on content and information, we'll find the right image for your project.

All the control you want

If you want to manage your website content yourself or if you have any special needs or requirements, 12tonelab will design your own administration system, giving you all the control over your website that you need. Check out the custom development page for more details.

Highest quality code

A poorly coded website is a waste of time and resources and can be a hindrance to your success online. 12tonelab believes in writing good websites, meeting the latest industry standards and delivering the best quality code.

A well coded website will provide many benefits for you and your business, such as lower maintenance costs, faster download times, better search engine results, improved accessibility and a higher compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Usability and accessibility

The objective of any website is to attract and present information to as many visitors as possible. To achieve this goal, two important elements play a vital role: usability and accessibility.


The usability of a website has a direct impact on the amount of visitors and their satisfaction with the website. 12tonelab will help you manage the many factors that affect web usability, such as:

  • A well structured website with an intuitive navigation system
  • A clear content organization
  • A design that accommodates all users


The term accessibility refers to the set of concepts and procedures related to making a website usable by all Internet users. Web pages should be readable independently of the method used to navigate the Internet, including text-only browsers, small screen devices such as PDAs or mobile phones, and assistive technologies used by people with disabilities, such as screen readers or speech synthesizers.

Designing with accessibility in mind is undoubtedly a good practice, and will benefit not only the users of alternative browsing devices, but also visitors using a typical web browser.

Standards compliance

In order to provide the highest quality websites, 12tonelab creates all websites using XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. Conforming with the current Internet standards:

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Guarantees compatibility with any conforming browser (including future versions of current browsers and new browsers yet to come)
  • Enhances accessibility
  • Contributes towards better search engine rankings
  • Reduces loading times
  • Is a good thing to do! :)

Content management system

12tonelab specializes in developing custom solutions for its client's website management needs.

First we'll analyze your specific situation and then we'll develop an intuitive and easy to use content management system so you have full control over all aspects you want from your website.

We don't use third party products that you have to adjust to. Our solutions are fully customized to adapt to your needs and make it easy for you.

Search engine ready

Ranking high on search engine results is probably the most important way to get visitors to your site. We design and code our webs to be search engine friendly, so that search engines can easily navigate and read your website. We also provide more specific SEO services, feel free to contact us to find out about them.