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Services for web professionals

12tonelab often works with other web developers and companies, offering its services in several fields:


12tonelab values standards compliance in its work, and always strives to write the best possible code. We develop all our websites with XHTML Strict, and make sure we come up with a clean, structured and semantic markup (you can check this page source code for an example).


We have vast experience with CSS. We use pure CSS layouts for our websites and can deliver highly professional CSS.

We work regulary with MartaMartinez.net and TereGuix.com, here are a few samples of our CSS work for them:

  • Baqueira - Beret
  • Avante - Avante uses a fluid layout, and has specially strong accessiblity requirements, conforming to the AAA level of the WCAG.
  • MB Agencia Literaria
  • MIĀS Arquitectes - MIĀS uses WordPress as their backed, we were responsible for creating the theme, both the PHP to generate valid XHTML Strict and the CSS.
  • Amics del Nepal
  • WebActiva - Domestika - Domestika was a big project, creating 12 different CSS models to be integrated in their backend system, following their predefined requirements.

We've also often worked creating complex CSS using IE7.js for Argus.net, a Spanish web design company. Some of our work for them can be seen at:

If your browser allows it, you can also check this website without CSS to see how all layout and non semantic elements are managed through CSS. Check out as well Gonzalo's CSS course at dense13.com (it needs updating, which he promises he will do in a near future).


All 12tonelab's websites use PHP, sometimes for simple template systems, sometimes for full-scale applications. We've coded lots of different applications and modules with PHP, and are currently working on a flexible and comprehensive CMS to power our websites (if you are interested in this, feel free to contact us). Currently we are the main programmers for MartaMartinez.net, for whom we have created XS, a powerful and highly customizable CMS. We've worked often with Eleventen, a Melbourne based web design company, mostly doing work for their backend systems.


We've been working with JavaScript for a long time, and although we often use it for small specific purposes, we can also create complex applications with intensive JavaScript use. Our aim is to always write non-obtrusive JavaScript that degrades well in non JavaScript browsers. We've got ample experience in jQuery and Prototype.

At 12tonelab we enjoy our work and always aim for excellence in whatever task we undertake. As you can see from the text above, we have great respect for web standards and quality code. And we enjoy working with other teams, especially in creative projects where everyone is committed to the project and wanting to do the best possible job.

If you are interested in any of the above services or want to explore other ways of collaborating please contact us and we'll surely find ways to work together.

Personalized relation

Every project we do is important to us. We won't be happy until we've done the best possible job, and have you fully satisfied. And once our job is done, we'll always be there may you need our help or advice. We're not here just for business, we're here to create, and we're good at that!

Integrated solutions

We specialize in web design and web application development, but we can also provide other related services including graphic design, marketing and consulting. And if we can't do it, we'll find the right people who can: over the years we have established a solid network of talented professionals in various fields to be able to provide a complete solution for your business.