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Site information

12tonelab always strives to produce good quality websites, not only technically speaking but also in regards to content and accessibility.

This page explains what we have done to ensure that 12tonelab.com meets the highest quality standards.

Standards compliance

All web pages in 12tonelab use valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS.

Special care has been put in writing clean non-bloated XHTML code, using semantically correct markup. In order to achieve this we use a number of techniques such as correct header organization, lists for navigation, non-obtrusive JavaScript, and complete separation between content and presentation through CSS.


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Personalized relation

Every project we do is important to us. We won't be happy until we've done the best possible job, and have you fully satisfied. And once our job is done, we'll always be there may you need our help or advice. We're not here just for business, we're here to create, and we're good at that!

Integrated solutions

We specialize in web design and web application development, but we can also provide other related services including graphic design, marketing and consulting. And if we can't do it, we'll find the right people who can: over the years we have established a solid network of talented professionals in various fields to be able to provide a complete solution for your business.